Thought # 1

Lost At Sea

As I stood on top of the cliffs of Moher, watching the waves hitting the clifts in a hostile fashion. The wind was whizzing around and cleansing one’s energy. Lifting the weight off my shoulders as the wind passes through my body carrying the negativity away. As I reconnect with the universe, I’m starting to feel more compassion and love and allowing the fear-based emotions and harmful mentalities to be released. Love and kindness will always win over hate and apathy.

The world continues to wake up around us. Reminding us that the universe is indeed magical and inspirational. I tuned into my vibration to higher frequencies that serve the planet in the best way. I no longer give into limiting beliefs, as I have experienced too many miracles and strange circumstances to believe in boundaries and rules.

My life path seems much clearer and Mother Gaia has never felt closer to me. Gia is the ultimate nurture, the giver of conditional love. She is one of many guides that I trust to guide me through this journey. I tune into each thought that I have, and try to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones whenever possible.

“I’m not worthless or an embarrassment my purpose in this world is to be a witch”. Saying these word out loud gets me excited about living again. A feeling that I fought I lost at sea. I closed my eyes and drifted into a meditated state connecting to the higher realms and lifting the curtain between this world and others, allowing me to see things more clearly, including myself.

As I pay attention to the things that I am natural drawing too. I see the connection between them and my path, purpose and passion in life. I dare to follow them.

© Ivana Cajina
© Emma Harper
© Dustin Scarpitti


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