How to go from having no-motivtion to loads of motivation with this simple trick.

How to go from having no-motivtion to loads of motivation with this simple trick.

As I sit stirring my tea clockwise, I feel a lot happier than the moment before — the negative vibe isn’t hanging around anymore. BUT I feel lost! What is the purpose of the day? What makes Wednesday different for any other day of the week?

Astronomer associated the planet Mercury with Wednesday, and it’s declared to be a great day to focus on communication, wisdom and knowledge.

Sounds simple, right?

But what do you do when you don’t have the motivation to do anything?

Usually, on a good day, I would expand my knowledge on witchcraft, write a blog post or read some friction but not today I don’t feel like myself.

I need some inspiration in my life!

How to get yourself unstuck.

By setting a daily goal or tasks, you won’t burn out quickly. Today I set myself time-consuming task first thing. I didn’t take regular breaks and know I’m paying for it! This is because I was doing more than 2 goals at one. It’s not possible – I’ve tried it numerous time and look where it’s left me! MENTALLY DRAIN and NEEDING a nap. I might take a 30 min kip and see if I’m revitalised after that.

Getting yourself excited about a goal sounds obvious, but many people don’t think about it much, and I’m one of them, but it makes sense. If you want to get motivated you honestly need to get passionate about a goal.

How can I find excitement when I’m not feeling it?

Try finding inspiration, looking at what others have achieved or who are currently doing your goal will encourage you to succeed. Do this step along with building anticipation will help feel excited and to gather relevant information to achieve your goal.

I hope this post will encourage you to try new techniques to achieve your goals.



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