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Magical Lifestyle For Beginner Witches

Is there a way you can make a magical lifestyle?

Do you crave independence and adventure? I’ve created this guide to enable you to carry on with a magical lifestyle. That you can adapt to your own day by day earthly exercises. This rundown is loaded with the rituals in my own life that I have made magical.

Don’t hesitate to evaluate my recommendations and if something doesn’t make a difference to your personal style of magic with no stresses! 

Daily Witchcraft Ideas

To find happiness in your everyday life, you have to prepare for it. Consistently can be magical on the off chance that you settle on a deliberate decision to grasp it. This post is loaded with tips and systems that you can use to enhance and satisfy your life in beautiful ways, consistently!

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© Brooke Cagle
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Magical Lifestyle © Tyler Nix

Working with the Moon's Energy

We can honour and celebrate our connection to the moon by monitoring as it waxes from new to crescent to quarter to gibbous to the full and wanes through these phases in reverse back to original.

Magical Lifestyle: crescent moon above mountain
Magical Lifestyle © Benjamin Voros
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Magical Lifestyle © NASA

Start your Day the Witchy Way (The Miracle Morning)

If you often feel like you don’t have sufficient time to do all the things you are obligated to do to function as a human and a citizen, and if—because of this—you aren’t able to secure the time for your spiritual or witchy practice…

Six habits I recommend to add to your routine.

  1. Meditation
  2. Affirmations
  3. Visualization
  4. Reading
  5. Journaling
  6. Exercise

Using Magic in Cooking

Despite whether you are up ’til now a secret witch or simply don’t have elaborate rituals, kitchen witchery is a straightforward technique to organize charm into your step by step life. Herbs and other ordinary fixings can be used to witchify your next dining experience!

Magical Lifestyle: person cutting vegetables with knife
Magical Lifestyle © Alyson McPhee
Magical Lifestyle: onions and potato on table
Magical Lifestyle © Syd Wachs

Leave a comment and let me know if there is anything missing. 

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