Why You Should Get Into Witchcraft!

If you are new to my blog welcome and if you are returning I appreciate you for following my journey so far. In December 2018 I had a severe mental breakdown and was hospitalised because of it. I felt numb for some time afterwards. I had to take time off work and to go to counselling.

As I was walking into town after my session, I was considering what my purpose within this dimension? This was linking to my meeting with my therapist about self-belief. Out of nowhere, I started thinking about witchcraft.

When I was younger, I tried being more spiritual but got scared, Which is only natural. This time around I didn’t second guess it. I went straight on to Pinterest started pinning a collection of material.

Since starting my journey into witchcraft, I’ve changed. I’m a lot calmer, and more relaxed within my body. I know I have a long way to go before I fully recover but life has become more exciting, and the possibility that magic is everywhere is extraordinary. Believing in witchcraft has provided me with a purpose.

I look forward to waking up each day and creating a daily routine that I can committe to and develop my self – worth. Witchcraft isn’t scary or hard. You are probably doing witchy things without even realising it. Everything is made up of energy, a witch knows how to embrace this and manifest it. The most importing thing is to know thy self! Because anything is possible. Check out my post on the 13 goals of a new witch to discover  more goals of a beginner witch.

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Benefits of Witchcraft

There are many benefits of witchcraft as a spiritual practice. There’s no one way to practice magick, and no two witches are alike. People practice magick from all religions, backgrounds, and for a variety of reasons. That being said, there are several underlying traits that those who practice can benefit from.

Spiritual Inner Peace

I’ve learnt the importance of spirituality for inner peace is felt through the small yet significant things in life. Essentially the gift of life that we experience each and every day. The experience that we can breathe, and thrive because of the generosity that nature offers us, is something to be grateful about.

Inner peace refers to a state of mind, which resonates oneness within. As someone who suffers from mental health problems  re-connecting with my inner self has eliminated my inner self-critic and allows me to see life with a fresh perspective. One does not have to live the life of a monk to attain inner peace. This general feeling is very much achievable in regular life as well. It takes time, and don’t forget to welcome the journey.

A deeper understanding of nature.

As you start this journey, you will be naturally drawn to nature. You begin to understand your role in the grand scheme of things, and you want to feel part of creation instead of feeling like a disconnected outsider. If you’re going to unite with nature, you don’t have to learn any specific ability or to have any special knowledge whatsoever. The only thing you require to do is to take a step back and listen.

Witchcraft is intimate by practising this craft entwines you with the life-giving world of nature and all of its gifts. You may already feel a deep connection. Indeed, many witches currently choose to operate from the comfort of their homes, so they merely lack access to outdoor space. Regardless, nature continues to play a central role.

Learning witchcraft, and you’ll become attuned to the beauty and majesty of the outdoors.

Developing meditation skills.

Meditation is key to witchcraft. I’m a big devotee to guided meditation. I try to do this every night before I go to sleep. My sleeping pattern has significant improvement, and I ‘m more refresh in the morning. I’m living in a higher vibration. Lately due to work commitment I have included meditation into my routine. For the past 3 days, I’m starting to feel the side effects. I’m less motivated, a lot inactive, my vibrations or a lot lower. I need to establish a routine that fits my busy lifestyle.

You Practice A Healthier Lifestyle.

Witchcraft is an inherently personal endeavour. There is no one way to practice magick. You bend and mould it to your will and way. Yet, your engagement with witchcraft will undoubtedly improve your mental, physical and spiritual health. This is one outcome that goes with the territory. Almost everything about witchcraft is life, and health, improving.

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