7 Day Media Detox Challenge That Will Help You To Reconnect With Mother Earth.

One thing I’ve gained from living with mental health problems is that overseeing depression and anxiety isn’t always about the things that you add to your life or to your daily practice, it is more on the things that you remove and reconnecting with nature.

Tales of the Celtic Goddess of Love!

I’ve been doing a lot of research into Irish Mythologic that I yearned to share with you guys. As it’s Friday which is associated with the Goddesses of Love, I felt it was good idea to discuss Aine. Friday is the perfect day for performing love and beauty magick. Rituals for self-love and self-care, fertility,…Read More

Quick ways to raise your vibrations FAST

We give to many people the power to lower our vibrations. Stand true to your own frequency. @hearts143qoutes Morning, I’m often asked how to raise your vibration. It’s one of the mysteries I’m questioned most about. So I thought I’d write a blog post regarding the ways that I’ve found work best to raise your…Read More

How to go from having no-motivtion to loads of motivation with this simple trick.

As I sit stirring my tea clockwise, I feel a lot happier than the moment before — the negative vibe isn’t hanging around anymore. BUT I feel lost! What is the purpose of the day? What makes Wednesday different for any other day of the week? Astronomer associated the planet Mercury with Wednesday, and it’s…Read More

Why You Should Love Yourself

Learning to love yourself can feel like a doubting task it actually pretty easy, you just have to put the effort in. My two favourite ways are to ask yourself self-discovery question that I discussed in my previous post or mediation. When doing meditation ask your higher-self to step forward. This gives you the opportunity…Read More

Top 10 Self Discovery Quotes

Who among us can say we’ve not searched for a deeper meaning; a deeper purpose to our very existence? This in itself sheds away the tedious aspect of life: discovering why it’s within our grasp. Perhaps we just want a hint on what others are thinking. Some feel as if they’ve come to a halt…Read More

30 Day challenge For Self Discovery

In my last post, I wrote about 3 goals for new witches: Know yourself Know your craft Meditation Today I’ll be listing 30 questions that will help you to rediscover who you are. It will challenge you to be vulnerable and honest. Each day you have a new question to answer. There are 30 questionsin total (30 days). Each…Read More

13 Goal Of A New Witch

Welcome! For our first post, we want to discuss the 13 goals of a modern witch and how to begin your unique journey into this craft. This will help you understand the process of what we will be discussing in the next 12 months. As this magazine grows, your craft will become stronger. You will…Read More

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