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The Best Kept Secret To Finding Your True Life Purpose

Are you feeling despondent for Months before, feeling very stressed & depressed. Unable to think forward nor trying to do things, At that time you became very much negative person and your question what your true purpose in life. Find out our secret to getting your life back on track.


Thought # 1

Lost At Sea As I stood on top of the cliffs of Moher, watching the waves hitting the clifts in a hostile fashion. The wind was whizzing around and cleansing one’s energy. Lifting the weight off my shoulders as the wind passes through my body carrying the negativity away. As I reconnect with the universe,…Read More


7 Day Media Detox Challenge That Will Help You To Reconnect With Mother Earth.

One thing I’ve gained from living with mental health problems is that overseeing depression and anxiety isn’t always about the things that you add to your life or to your daily practice, it is more on the things that you remove and reconnecting with nature.

What Makes Someone an Underachiever?

Now and then, it senses that it’s difficult to accomplish your objectives. Regardless of whether it’s the hecticness of life or the trouble of the objectives — there’s dependably a motivation behind why we aren’t achieving what we want to be. Underachievers are regularly expelled as individuals who are merely endeavouring to get by. In…Read More

Frist step to copping with Mental Illness

As I sit on my bed watching Supernatural, I’m also debating what to write. I’m asking my self a few questions, how many time are you going to re-design this blog and change your niche? The answer is I don’t know. The way I’ve been treating this blog refelts how I’m treating myself! Recently I’ve…Read More

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