A Beginner’s Guide to Communing with Mother Nature

Mother Nature

For me, there’s no spiritual practice more crucial than communing with the spirits of nature. Be that as it may, how would we start to communicate with the spirits of trees and stones, rivers and birds?

Nature: bare tress and mountain
Nature ©Dan Otis
Nature: gray stone tablet on shore
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Nature: body of water near mountain in distant of snow capped mountain
Nature © Joshua Fuller

Communing with Nature A Guide

To start, we should head outside. What great does love do us on the off chance that we don’t invest energy with the dearest? If our solitary association with the earth is a look through a window or a photograph on the web, our cases to love and worship her appear to be empty.

We should put down our agnostic writings, turn off Practical Witchery, and venture out into the world. How about we go to the forested areas or the shore if we can. If that is impossible, how about we discover a recreation centre or a back yard, a networking garden or a seat under a tree, and encounter what we guarantee to hold a sacred place.

Nature: Man taking a morning bath at the Apteshwar Mahadev Temple in Pushkar, India | Nature
Nature © Fancycrave

The Spirits Of Nature

Next, we welcome the spirits. Regardless of whether we can detect them, they are available. In time, with practice, we can figure out how to know about them. On the off chance that we want this mindfulness, we should make the primary signal by deferentially understanding the friendship of those we can’t see, and by announcing our aim of harmony. A few spots have endured such a significant amount at the hands of humankind the spirits are hesitant to speak with individuals. It requires investment to build up an association with such a spot, and the spirits may not ever become warm and inviting. Such places need healing. We can be a piece of that, on the off chance that we drive forward in moving toward them with love.

woman kneeling in front of cat lying on ground | Nature
© Pavel Chusovitin

Concentrating On Nature And Soul By Securing All Diversions.

After we welcome the spirits of the spot, we start crafted by concentrating on nature/soul by securing all diversions. Some devices assist us with this centre: cameras, sketchbooks, diaries. We can utilise these until we wind up inclination quiet and centred. Be that as it may, in time even these ought to be put aside, and our faculties occupied with the demonstration of fellowship. Our feet on the ground, our hands on tree rind or leaves or blossoms, our eyes taking in the types of trees or the movement of the waves. We take in the fragrance of sand and saltwater, or of soil and tree rind. We taste the air, we tune in to the development of the breeze. Along these lines, we extend our mindfulness. Afterwards, we can record these impressions in our diaries, yet right now we are taking every necessary step of focusing. It might appear the inverse of spiritual work to see passing vehicles and yelling kids, however, if we can’t take in the stable, physical world, in what manner will we see the more unobtrusive indications of the soul? Focusing on our general surroundings reinforces our affection for nature, and trains us in the craft of discernment. It likewise, in some cases, drives us to figure out how to centre amidst mayhem and diversion: a less charming, yet similarly important exercise.

man in white dress shirt holds red flower | Nature

Strolling In Nature


At the point when our consideration is locked in, we add supernatural activities to our fellowship. We practice earth strolling (a.k.a. strolling contemplation)- – feeling the vitality of the earth on the bottoms of our feet as we walk gradually and mindfully. Or on the other hand, we discover a tree to incline toward, to inhale with, to tune in to. Or then again we imagine ourselves as a tree, feeling our underlying foundations slide into the earth, feeling the breeze in our branches. Or then again we sit on the ground and hold a herb or a stone, and spotlight on the pictures and vibes that come to us. Such practices here and there require tolerance and devotion to ace; however, they can enable us to extend our association with the hallowed and merit the time and vitality. I propose picking one in the first place and rehearsing it much of the time more than a little while or even months.

brown chimpanzee walking on ground beside grass| Nature

An offering

At long last, we make contributions. An offering is something other than leaving an article under a tree. There ought to be something of ourselves in the donations we go, and our gifts should profit the earth spirits here and there. They likely have no utilisation for coins and fairy statues, and such things can even be harming to the environment relying upon what materials they’re produced using. Offering our time and vitality to get rubbish would be a much-improved offering; however, it may appear to be less alluring. On the off chance that we are sufficiently fortunate to interface with immaculate, sans litter nature, at that point strands of our hair for settling flying creatures or perfect, favoured water amid dry occasions would be valuable advertising.

Notwithstanding mending, cherishing vitality given to the earth is a sort of offering, just like a petition or ballad. With each offering, we offer our thanks to the earth. Rehearsing these means enables us to be genuinely fed and reestablished by our time in nature, regardless of whether it isn’t as continuous or delayed as we wish.

person holding green leaves
© Brennan Burling

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