7 Day Media Detox Challenge That Will Help You To Reconnect With Mother Earth.

7 Day Media Detox Challenge That Will Help You To Reconnect With Mother Earth.


Battling depression and anxiety seizes me to experience a vast amount of dull days. Days where depression drains all of life left in me and when anxiety attacks every decision. Even how I communicate with others. I cling on to negative vibes instead of letting go. It is more comfortable to settle into bed, and I just stayed there – believing that tomorrow will be better. In any case, once in a while, it doesn’t. 

In any case, one thing I’ve gained from living with it is that overseeing depression and anxiety isn’t always about the things that you add to your life or to your daily practice, it is more on the things that you remove.


Engaging in this seven-day detox challenge and focusing on self-care is all about recognising your own needs and satisfy all those requirements. Concentrate on yourself and do some projects that nurture your physical, mental, and emotional health. Self-care seems straightforward and frank, but people often overlook their own needs in their busy lives. Practising good self-care can lift your mood, reduce anxiety, and show you how to treat others.

Self-care should never include something you don’t enjoy. The things you do should benefit and refuel your mind and body. Recognize, self-care isn’t a selfish act – it merely knows what must be done to take better care of ourselves.

Where Should You Start?

Start With The Basics:

You will find what works best for you with time and embrace new ways of self-care that satisfy your needs.

Plan Ahead:

Try to avoid self-care that randomly happens. Instead, make a brief list of what you would like to do – and stick to it!

Pay Attention To What Works:

Is a particular activity making you feel worse? Remove it from the schedule. Be mindful of what you do, why you do it, how it makes you feel, and what significant outcome is.

Music for the sole.

Please follow us on Instagram and Pinterest for daily updates. We wish you all the best on this 7-day detox challenge, and here is some beautiful music for you to enjoy on your journey. 

Stay Witchy!



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