Exordium (the Beginning​) of Bria Ó’hÉideáin

Exordium (noun) The begining or introductory part

As a Fashion Designer, we all have are Muse. My afflatus is Bria Ó’hÉideáin. Bria is short for Brianna and means ‘strong’. Ó’hÉideáin descendant of Éideán and means “clothes, armour”. This anonyml is strong and creates an armour to protect one’s self against her everyday struggle.

Bria personifies who I am and desire to become.  She enables me to create a brand and structure, that my life craves for. 

Have your inner demons left you torpefied?

If the answer is yes, I know exactly what you are going through.

Bria Ó’hÉideáin is a periodical to document the struggle I face every day. The pain and suffering, mental health has ruse me in.  The difficulties that I face, but no one seems to understand: lonely, reclusive and numb everyday. 

I’m nearly 25 years old, I haven’t achieved anything. I can’t effectuate my dreams or desires. I yearn for achievement, no matter how big or small. Something to be grateful for.  A story to share. 

I am making it my mission to overpower this entrapment, and to work hard to finish my 3rd year of Fashion Design on a high. I wasted away 2 years and becoming an underachiever. This is my time to take control, get the help that I need to fight this illness and to inspire others while creating a portfolio that I’m proud of.

I invite you along, everyone is going through something but is better not to go through it alone 


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